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Research in our lab focuses on exploiting cutting-edge chemical, biomaterial and nanomedicine technologies to understand physiological responses during disease and regeneration and fulfill critical unmet needs in the clinic. We use chemical prodrug therapy, controlled drug delivery and nanomedicine to enable new forms of cancer chemotherapy and immunotherapy as well as treatment of infection and other diseases.

One major direction in the lab centers on developing replenishable drug depots, which allow noninvasive refilling of drug-eluting depots in vivo. We take advantage of nucleic acid binding, bioorthogonal click chemistry and bio-recognition to capture drug payloads from the blood, including small molecule drugs and nanoparticles. We have demonstrated that replenishable depots can capture therapeutics from the circulation. The depot devices retain their ability to capture therapeutics from the circulation for months and the replenishments can be repeated numerous times.  More recently, we’ve created non-toxic, “prodrug” therapeutics that are hydrolytically converted into active molecules inside our refillable devices.


The Brudno lab is expanding the replenishable depot technology for use with new chemotherapies – carboplatin, paclitaxel for targeting locally recurrent peritoneal cancers such as liposarcoma and ovarian cancer.  We are also exploring combining replenishable intratumor depots with blood-brain barrier disruption for targeting glioblastoma and glioma.  The lab is also actively researching combining replenishable depots with immunotherapy to improve safety and efficacy of this promising technology.